Jaclyn Madrid

Financial advisor at Ellevest

WEV donor, volunteer, & consultant

How it Started

Jaclyn Madrid Mercer is a financial advisor at Ellevest and is passionate about helping her clients achieve their personal financial goals. She first heard about WEV early in her banking career when she was depositing a check for a WEV loan recipient. After her manager told her more about the work WEV does, her interest was piqued.

Work with WEV

As Jaclyn’s career in finance evolved and she started to work with women entrepreneurs, she reconnected with WEV and wanted to get more involved.  


After joining the WEV community as a volunteer and consultant, Jaclyn attended the Empowerment is Priceless event where she heard WEV clients talk about their entrepreneurial and personal journeys first-hand.  She was inspired to join WEV’s League of Extraordinary Women and donate her own finances to help additional women on their entrepreneurial journeys.  


When asked what aspects of WEV’s mission she is most inspired by, Jaclyn said, “It’s the idea that supporting women helps build communities and by giving people the tools and resources to do so helps the community at large. As a financial advisor, I see how much women need community resources like WEV. The barriers for women on the funding side are huge and pretty brutal to navigate, so having the resources to create a business plan, access to training and funding as well as a financial education makes a big difference for women entrepreneurs.”  


To Jaclyn, financial empowerment means, “the freedom to make choices about your life and how to live it. It’s not just the power to make the choice to avoid the negative, it allows you to thrive and focus on the goals that are the positive aspects of your life.”  


 Jaclyn shared a lesson from her own career, and said, “Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. The mistakes are what allow you to learn, don’t be afraid of failure – you can try, learn and move forward.”  


Jaclyn, thank you for all you do to promote financial empowerment for women in the community and for being a valued member of the League. 


“Having the resources to create a business plan, training, funding, and financial education makes a big difference for women entrepreneurs.”

Jaclyn Madrid