League of Extraordinary Women

Extraordinary women, supporting extraordinary women


“As a client, WEV empowered me to structure and build a viable business with passion and purpose. As a League member, I have the honor to provide that same opportunity to other women entrepreneurs. Giving back through my contribution as a League member is a testimony that WEV ’s programs and services do make an impact in our community.”

Juliana Ramirez, JR Bookkeeping


Empowering Women

The League of Extraordinary Women is an influential and collaborative group of high-achieving leaders who are inspired to combine their efforts and resources to help strengthen women-owned businesses and elevate women in our community.

Meet, Mingle, and Be Inspired

League members are invited to network and connect at special events throughout the year including WEV celebrations and the annual Empowerment is Priceless fundraiser.

Supporting Small Business

Be a part of a community that supports small business. Join the League with a renewable 3-year membership by pledging a minimum of $1,000 per year for 3 years. For less than $85 a month, you can be a member of this extraordinary group of individuals.

Making Dreams a Reality

The League supports WEV’s clients to…

  • Think bigger

Successful role models and mentors combined with WEV’s programs help women develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

  • Take more risks

Access to capital enables women to grow their businesses and create financial security.

  • Become leaders

In their business and community.

  • Pay it forward

To the next generation of women.



The League of Extraordinary Women unites community members in the common mission of empowering women.

WEV Stories

"I recall the excitement of being invited to join a WEV celebration and they introduced the concept of the League of Extraordinary Women. I knew I needed to be a founding member to support others on their entrepreneurial journey."

Pam Tanase, Workzones

WEV Stories

"I stand for everything that WEV stood for...I wanted to make a strong commitment to WEV daily, weekly, monthly, so I joined the League."

Seana-Marie Sesma, Your PR Girls

WEV Stories

"We all need encouragement, a sounding board, a safe place to express our ideas, and an ability to learn how to fail, because failure is just an opportunity to learn and grow. It's cheesy but we really can do this together... and it's just way more fun!"

Devyn Duex, CAPTRUST

WEV Stories

"I joined the league because I am committed to supporting women and entrepreneurs who contribute so much to the fabric of society."

Junemarie Justus, The Acorn Project


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