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Volunteer with WEV and support local small business owners.

When you volunteer with WEV, you make a direct contribution to the success of our local businesses and the vitality of our economy. WEV Volunteers fulfill a variety of roles within the organization – from providing industry expertise and mentoring support to filling board and committee positions to assisting with special events. Each of these volunteer opportunities gives you the chance to support WEV in a way that has meaning and purpose for you…and fits into your schedule.

Learn more about how you can share your skills to support WEV’s mission.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with WEV. We know that your time is valuable, however we are currently not accepting any new applications. Check back with us in a couple of months’ time and please consider supporting WEV in other ways.

Individual Consultations

Meet and support multiple business owners in 1-hour one-on-one consultations.

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Business Specialties Needed

From finance to marketing to sales, WEV needs your expertise.

Volunteer Consultants

Work directly with WEV clients, sharing skills and specialized knowledge within your area of industry expertise. Consultations are typically stand-alone, one-hour sessions, which provide clients with pro-bono support to launch and grow their businesses.

Long-Term Mentorship

Guide one business owner on their path to success.

Perfect opportunity for

Community leaders with great communication skills who are looking for deep connection.


Develop meaningful, long-term relationships with one or more WEV clients in support of their personal entrepreneurial journey. Mentors meet with their mentees for one to two hours each month over the course of an eight-month period.

Group Workshop Facilitation

Reach many entrepreneurs at once, in short, one-time workshops.

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Business Specialties Needed

From accounting to marketing to sales, WEV needs your expertise.

Guest Speakers

Connect with a classroom full of WEV clients as they plan their first business, navigate their marketing strategy, or dig into their financial management. Guest speakers enrich WEV’s classes with the personal stories and unique backgrounds they share.

Organizational Support

Impact WEV from the inside.

Perfect opportunity for

Community leaders looking to support and advocate for WEV’s mission.

Committee Members

WEV’s specialist committees and working groups include Loan Review, Endowment, Financial and Audit Committees. Passion for WEV’s mission combined with relevant professional experience could make you the ideal volunteer for this role.

Event and Administrative Support

WEV hosts a number of large events and sends multiple mailings each year. See behind the scenes and share your time and talent with the WEV community.

WEV Stories

"From the staff to the clients, volunteering with WEV has been smooth and organized. The staff makes it easy for me to connect with clients and share my expertise. My clients are owners of amazing local businesses, and I can't wait to see them continue to succeed."

Yuliana Gonzalez, Camarillo Hotel and Tourism Association

WEV Stories

"I love the concept of WEV and all of the people with whom I met. There is not another program that I have encountered that tops all that WEV has to offer in terms of guidance, support, opportunity, and ongoing relationships."

Matthew Berger, Matthew I Berger Law Group, A Professional Corporation

WEV Stories

"WEV is an incredible network of like-minded women who are focused on seeing small business owners succeed in Santa Barbara. They offer in-depth resources, programs and events with a lot of inclusivity and fun."

Deverey Kirk, Good Skin Inc.

WEV Stories

"Since my graduation from SET in 2004, I’ve been committed to supporting WEV however I could, usually by donating my time as a volunteer."

Lisa Braithwaite, The LisaB Company


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