Business Consulting

WEV Stories

"Right from the start, and during our first session, it became very clear to us the value and extraordinary resource this coaching program offers to small businesses. To have access to this level of insight is remarkable. Thank you WEV!"

Nicole Facciuto, Corky's Nuts

WEV Stories

"WEV helped me get through the toughest times I've had as a business owner. I was lost when I came onboard and appreciate you all sticking with me through it all. It's been a pleasure working with you and everyone else."

Jenae Juarez, Jenae Juarez Bookkeeping Services, LLC

WEV Stories

"I would not be where I am without the help and guidance of WEV. Thank you so much to the advisors that listened to me when I was scared of taking the next big step and gave me the best advice ever."

Bridgette Koenig, Awaken Cardio Kickboxing

WEV Stories

"WEV has been so supportive and led us to people in the industry we would otherwise never have met. I could not have done this without the strong women behind WEV who believed in me when I wanted to quit or doubted myself."

Carol Venegas Schuster, Got Paella


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