Accelerate Business Consulting

Program Details


Up to 6 months


12 hrs. of consulting

Regular Fee*

$845 up front, or 2 payments of $425


In English, Spanish option

Access the support you need and ignite the momentum to propel your goal or project towards success.

With our focused 1 on 1 tailored support, you’ll overcome obstacles and stay on track to achieve your objectives.

Gain confidence in taking on any project with the guidance of our seasoned consultants.

You’ll gain valuable insights, refine your strategies, and boost your confidence to excel in your endeavor. With our experienced consultants by your side, you’ll navigate challenges and achieve the results you desire.

Use the flexible framework of Accelerate to work on your goal or project in the way that is most effective for you and your success.

With the flexibility to customize your path, you’ll optimize productivity, leverage your strengths, and achieve your results.


*Alternative pricing available – review FAQs for more detail

"Accelerate provides the flexibility needed to help clients stay focused and keep momentum going to accomplish their goals within their given timeframe."

Michelle Carlen, Business Consultant

What People Are Saying


So much more clarity

My Advisor is awesome! She has been very helpful and has been providing valuable inputs for me. I now have so much more clarity with the next steps.


Great plan, made stronger

We’re getting ready to launch a fundraising campaign to catalyze the model into action. It’s a great plan and was made possible and stronger because of our partnership with WEV.