QuickBooks Consulting

Program Details


3 to 6 months


12 hours of consulting

Regular Fee*

$400 (payment plan available)


In English, Spanish option

Manage your business finances more effectively.

This program provides individualized, hands-on guidance with a QuickBooks consultant to either set up a new QuickBooks system or clean up an existing one. Your support is tailored to your level of understanding – from basic to advanced – and focused on the specific needs of your business. Because of the deep dive you will do with your consultant, you must be in business and have sales to qualify for the program.

Make more informed business decisions.

Understanding your numbers is key to your economic empowerment. Working with a QuickBooks consultant to understand your business financials helps build your confidence in making the right decisions for your business and your future.

Realize the benefits of consistent bookkeeping.

Your business financials will be meaningless if bookkeeping is not done regularly or correctly. Your QuickBooks consultant will help you understand the processes necessary in your specific business to give you the data you need to grow and thrive.


*Alternative pricing available – review FAQs for more detail

“Good workflows in QuickBooks save clients money on bookkeeping and give them more accurate and meaningful reports.”

David Machacek, QuickBooks and Financial Accounting Consultant

What people are saying…


Overcame Apprehension

David has been amazing. He is patient and explains things so well. Very grateful for this wonderful experience. I normally have apprehension about bookkeeping and now I am starting to really like it.



Personalized Guidance

David helped me ensure everything was set up properly and tailored to my business. I really enjoyed our sessions together and appreciate his willingness to answer questions and share expertise.


Understanding Indicators

I’m understanding the difference between balance sheet, P&L & what to look for as indicators of my company’s health. We’re working on how I can better project income needed to cover upcoming expenses.


Finances Demystified

It’s a lot of work, but I’m feeling so much better about my finances. Things that felt impossible before are really demystified. She does a great job explaining & I’ve really enjoyed my time.


Valuable Insights

My coach helped me clean up my books & gave me a foundational understanding of how to use QuickBooks. She gave me valuable insights & support in places I didn’t know I needed it! I highly recommend!