Work With WEV

A Career with Purpose

A career with WEV is a career with purpose. A career with meaning. A career with the flexibility you need to balance your work and your life. A career with connection and in community.

Empowering our Employees

United by a passionate commitment to WEV’s mission, WEV employees are empowered to achieve professional success on their own terms.

Serving The Central Coast

With offices in Santa Barbara and Ventura, WEV’s team works on a flexible schedule to serve clients throughout California’s Central Coast.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

WEV is committed to providing an inclusive, supportive, and safe workspace for all employees. In our work to address the barriers historically marginalized communities face, diverse perspectives are invaluable. We continue learning on our journey.

WEV Stories

"WEV has provided me with the tools I needed to take a fun idea I’m passionate about and make it a viable business... My business consultant was like a therapist but for my business! He asked me hard questions and helped me find solutions."

Catalina Esteves, Cat Therapy

WEV Stories

"Teaching the classes and consulting for our WEV community has been one of the most personal and professional fulfilling things in my life. When an entrepreneur can take an “idea” to “reality” is the most wonderful thing to watch…and to be a part of the journey is even better! I LOVE MY JOB!"

Jeff Alkazian, Business Consultant and Instructor

WEV Stories

"I strongly believe that Earth Kandee would not be where it is today if it hadn't been for WEV. Once I began taking classes I was able to get my idea off paper and actually start selling in less than six months."

Kristen Anderson, Earth Kandee

WEV Stories

"I'm currently enrolled in the Thrive program which I have to say is WEV's best-kept secret that's not at all a secret. We finally have a business plan and are working on a more in-depth profile of our business in the event we ever need funding in the future."

Nicole Facciuto, Corky’s Nuts


Do I have to be located on California’s Central Coast to work for WEV?
Are Instructors and Consultants classed as employees or contractors?
How many hours would I work as an Instructor or Consultant?
Are WEV employees expected to come to the office every day?
What benefits do you provide?