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Your support is essential to WEV’S ability to be a resource for our community during good times and bad.

Every $1 given generates

For every dollar invested in WEV, $15 are generated in the local economy


Access WEV’s programs annually

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To engage in WEV’s programs

Rise Out of Poverty

Of clients below the poverty line when joining WEV

Every Dollar Counts

When we say “every dollar counts” we really mean it. Donations are vital to WEV’s ability to provide accessible, high-quality programs to our community. None of this would be possible without WEV’s generous donors.

Empower Women

Your support makes a difference in the lives of small business owners, their families, and our community. Determined women come to WEV to acquire the skills they need to make their big ideas a reality. Your donation powers their dreams.

WEV Stories

"Since my graduation from SET in 2004, I’ve been committed to supporting WEV however I could, usually by donating my time as a volunteer. When I learned that I could support WEV through the League, for a reasonable monthly donation, I was inspired to contribute."

Lisa Braithwaite, The LisaB Company

WEV Stories

"WEV provided the map to start my business it was my job to do the legwork, follow my gut, listen to the advice and find my own path. WEV provided structure with regular meetings, accountability, and the ability to surround myself with like-minded women. It was so motivating!"

Gabrielle Moes, Season’s Catering

WEV Stories

"Using WEV’s business consulting services has made a world of difference in my capacity as a business owner, and I am eternally grateful for all of the support and guidance WEV’s advisors have provided me."

Cynthia Torres, New Dawn Coaching and Consulting

WEV Stories

"Being an entrepreneur means adjusting one’s course any time it’s necessary, and that can feel overwhelming. Having the well-rounded support and guidance of an organization like WEV takes the fear out of change."

Sabine Dodane, Rêves de Sabine