Smart Entrepreneurial Training (SET)

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14 weeks


Hybrid In-Person/Online Training

Regular Fee*



In English

Class Dates

Fall 2023

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Develop a thorough, actionable business plan to help you launch or grow.

In WEV’s most comprehensive course, you will learn about all aspects of running a small business. From entrepreneurial mindset to cashflow projections to marketing plans, the class not only teaches you the theory but focuses on the practical details of business ownership. The course walks you through the creation of detailed plans for each critical area of your business and, at the end, you will bring this work together into a well-developed business plan.

Strengthen your marketing and financial skills as a business owner.

Having both solid marketing plans and sound financial plans is key to business success. This course dives deep into both topics, including researching your target market, creating customer avatars, creating a strategic marketing plan, and creating two years’ worth of financial projections.

Learn about running a small business in a supportive community.

WEV has run various forms of SET for over 30 years, and the benefit most consistently mentioned by graduates is the support and accountability they gain in the class from their peers and instructor. These supportive relationships are established and nurtured through both in-person and online sessions.


*Alternative pricing available – review FAQs for more detail

"SET helped put WEV on the map as a leading Women’s Business Center in the nation. The ongoing success of SET graduates speaks for itself!"

Nicole Raden, WEV Program Officer

What people are saying…


Consistent Support

The biggest benefits were learning about all aspects of a business from a knowledgeable teacher; access to experts in different areas; having consistent support and encouragement.


Empowering Tools

FABULOUS and LIFE CHANGING course. The biggest benefits were the financial and marketing units, which were areas of struggle in the past. Now I have the tools to tackle them! So empowering!


Strong Foundation

I feel like I have a stronger foundation now for my business and am ready to begin implementing marketing strategies and keeping better track with finances.


Standing Tall

The knowledge you receive over these 14 weeks, you come out standing tall and armed with everything you need to yell “I’ve got this!” The fear dissipates and you can start making your dream a reality.


Concrete Plan

Combing through the details of the business plan really helped me fine-tune and clarify my vision, giving me more confidence in the idea and a concrete plan to move forward.