Eric Zackrison

Business Consultant and Instructor

Works with business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with business ideas to strengthen their understanding of their businesses and move forward successfully.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Experience and Expertise

30 years of business ownership & 7 in business strategy

Inspired By

Devanshi Mehta, a UCSB undergrad

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Getting to run along the waterfront

Path to WEV

Following a 30-year career as a restaurant owner and manager, Eric attained a PhD in Organizational Communication from UCSB with a focus on team dynamics, leadership, and relationships in the workplace. 

Eric works with a variety of organizations, consulting on leadership development, team building, and strategy. He also draws on his experience – with starting businesses, marketing, operations, HR, inventory management, business development, and more – to advise small businesses on tackling a wide range of challenges from market-validating a business idea to assessing how to expand to multiple locations. Eric is lecturer in Technology Management at UCSB and a regular presenter on LinkedIn Learning.

When Eric was approached to teach for WEV, it felt like a natural fit. As an instructor, and now as a business consultant as well, he gets to use his expertise to improve the local business community.

“ Of all the things that I do, WEV most consistently gives me the chance to make a real direct and powerful difference in people's lives.”