Emily Welsch

Business Consultant

Guides determined, ambitious entrepreneurs to build meaningful, profitable businesses.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Experience and Expertise

15+ years in marketing, sales, & business strategy

Inspired By

Sara Blakely

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Walking my dog at Hendry’s Beach

Path to WEV

Emily brings diverse entrepreneurial experience to WEV, including product development and launch, digital marketing and sales, brand partnerships, and financial business strategy and analysis. She has extensive experience working with small and mid-size companies across consumer, tech, and healthcare industries. Emily excels in using objective data to support and guide smart strategic business decisions and is highly experienced in growth strategies that include digital and social media marketing, brand and customer development, product/market fit, SEO, website optimization, ad campaign management, financial analyses, and strategic partnerships.

With over 15 years of experience supporting and growing businesses, Emily enjoys working with start-up ventures and small-to-midsize businesses with big aspirations for growth. She has launched and grown her own businesses and has mentored entrepreneurs in numerous accelerator programs. Emily has also lectured on entrepreneurship through programs sponsored by Harvard Business School, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and Rice University.

Emily’s personal journey to live an intentional, purpose-driven life initially led her to entrepreneurship. Since experiencing the financial empowerment, work/life flexibility, and soul-alignment that entrepreneurship can provide, she has been on a mission to share this path with others. Supporting entrepreneurs along their business journey is her mission, and her passion for this led her to WEV.

“I love working with early-stage companies and the visionary entrepreneurs driving their brands forward.”