Petra Beumer

Mindful Eating Institute

WEV Client


Health &Wellness


Santa Barbara, CA

Year Founded


How it Started

Petra Beumer, the founder and owner of Mindful Eating Institute, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after spending four years teaching weight loss classes at the Sansum Clinic. She recognized a gap in traditional approaches of strict diets or behavior change models and identified the need to address “emotional eating” as the missing link to achieving long-term weight management success for her patients. Fueled by this realization that her clients required more holistic support, she summoned the courage to launch her own business. Petra aims to guide her clients toward finding not only physical wellness but also fostering a harmonious relationship with food and their bodies.

Work with WEV

Petra Beumer found invaluable support and structure for translating her dream into reality through her experience with WEV. Recognizing the need for a strong foundation to establish the Mindful Eating Institute, Petra appreciated the collaborative environment with fellow entrepreneurs that WEV provided. Reflecting on her time with WEV, Petra said, Expert advice, guidance, and being connected to a supportive community are important building blocks for success. 

What’s Next

I followed my calling and my heart’s desire, and have never regretted it,” said Petra. She is proud to celebrate almost a decade as the founder of the Mindful Eating Institute.  


“Expert advice, guidance, and being connected to a supportive community are important building blocks for success.”

Petra Beumer