Monica Bartos


WEV Client




Santa Barbara, CA 

Year Founded



How it Started

For Monica Bartos, the entrepreneurial journey began with overcoming self-doubt: “My fiancé was a huge supporter and believer in me and my ability to do this, he always took me seriously and encouraged me to go for it when I had doubts and fears…which I had a lot of when I was first starting out! My biggest obstacle was myself!! I struggled a lot with believing in myself as a business owner”. With her fiancé’s encouragement, she launched her green undergarment business, underminis, in 2020. 

Work with WEV

Monica connected with WEV in early 2021 seeking guidance and education on running a business. She describes WEV as “a wonderful and supportive resource.” Monica says her experience at WEV has also been “a fantastic way to learn about business, gain confidence in what I am doing, and connect with a community of likeminded people.” She has learned to celebrate the small wins as well as learn from her mistakes, stating that “It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s inevitable, and you just have to pick up and keep showing up every day.” 

What’s Next

A customer recently reached out to her to ask about wearing some underminis garments for a photo shoot with the LA Times. Monica was understandably excited, “I thought that was super cool and made me feel so honored!” 

Though it can feel scary at times, Monica is optimistic about the future of her business. She feels more confident in handling the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. She said, “At the end of the day I know it’s the right thing for me because I believe in what I’m doing and am passionate and proud of it.” 

“It's okay to make mistakes, it's inevitable, and you just have to pick up and keep showing up every day.”

Monica Bartos