Maria Rangel

SB Sweets

WEV Client




651 Paseo Nuevo Space #313,

Santa Barbara, CA

Year Founded


How it Started

Inspired by her daughter, Maria Rangel opened her business in 2020. She is the owner of SB Sweets in Santa Barbara, a sweet-treat restaurant that has the occasional karaoke night.

Work with WEV

Through the friend of a friend, Maria learned about WEV and decided to access our services. She said her experience with WEV, has been exceptional. It has helped me to trust more, and I now know it’s okay to seek help With the funds she received from WEV, she was able to get additional supplies to take her business to events saying,Thanks to you I was able to buy my cart for SB Sweets.  

What’s Next

Maria is happy with her progress after overcoming some financial and permit difficulties. She now encourages others to seek assistance advising them,Please don’t be embarrassed to apply for these wonderful programs.


“Please don't be embarrassed to apply for these wonderful programs.”

Maria Rangel