Juan Pinnel

Pinnel Photography

WEV Client




1101 E Haley St.

Santa Barbara, California 93103 

Year Founded


How it Started

Juan Pinnel started his photography business from a “desire to create images that inspire others”. From the moment he picked up his first camera as a teenager, he was hooked. 

Work with WEV

Juan first came to WEV in 2021 where he participated in the Santa Barbara County Emprendimiento cohort. He said “Participating in the program  and working with WEV has been  a very positive experience... they have a very warm and pleasant staff. You can learn a lot about how to develop a business.” 

What’s Next

He has a new studio in downtown Santa Barbara and hopes the locals get to know him. Originally from Argentina, he has cited recognition in California as one of his greatest obstacles in business. 

“You can learn a lot about how to develop a business.”

Juan Pinnel