Dresden Holden

Dresden Body + Wellness

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Health and Wellness  


Santa Barbara, CA 

Year Founded


How it Started

Dresden Holden is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist helping people look and feel their best through acupuncture, herbal medicine, and holistic skincare. For Dresden, entrepreneurship was the best option given the nature of her practice. She said,In the Traditional East Asian Medicine profession, it is more common to have your own business rather than become an employee.” With the pandemic, she was not able to offer her services, so she pivoted and started offering more products.

Work with WEV

In the fall of 2020, Dresden found herself wanting to speak to someone who could relate to her story: a female business owner who built her business from the ground up, had to learn how to do so, and found success in the end. That’s when a friend recommended she reach out to WEV. She did so immediately.   

Dresden took a WEV business planning course, enrolled in the advisory program, and now considers herself a “total WEV fan girl” stating “It has been there (thank goodness!) since the beginning for me and I am so thankful. Everyone at WEV has been so personable, supportive and it has opened doors for me. Even when it has felt hard, or my motivation has waned, WEV has been there to help and bring a little more wind to my sails. I have learned to keep going. To keep showing up and asking questions. Perseverance. Persistence.” 

What’s Next

Through self-reflection and challenging herself , Dresden continues to grow and collaborate with other business owners. She is excited about the opportunities that are coming her way. She said “I am happy to be making a living from my business and that feels like a milestone. There is plenty of room to grow, but to have a foundation feels amazing. I am excited about a new product that I am creating with a local artist.”  

“There is plenty of room to grow, but to have a foundation feels amazing.”

Dresden Holden

Dresden Holden tends to one of her clients at her business, Dresden Body + Wellness