Claudia Pardo

Everyday Buddha

WEV Client , Donor, & Volunteer




Ventura, CA 

Year Founded


How it Started

Claudia Pardo’s wonderful art store, Everyday Buddha, began with a challenge. At the start of 2015, Claudia decided to create one drawing, paired with one positive message, every day for a whole year. Claudia shares that she was seeking “my breakthrough moment, creatively.” To keep herself accountable, Claudia created an Instagram account, posting each day’s drawing and caption. “In the process of this exercise, something truly remarkable happened: the continued positive reinforcement paired with disciplined creativity changed my life, redirected my thoughts and filled me with confidence and intention.” 

“By the time I completed the challenge of 365 posts, Everyday Buddha had come to represent a catalyst for something bigger. And it became a business.” 

Work with WEV

Claudio Pardo started  receiving inquiries on her Instagram about purchasing her art. Then, one of Claudia’s friends who is a WEV client suggested she connect with our community. Claudia recalls, “I immediately signed up for WEV’s  4-week Explore course… to learn the ropes about starting a business.” 

At WEV, Claudia learned the importance of being part of a resource network and the impact that a support system can have on your inspiration: “Connectivity. I guess they call it, networking. I prefer the term ‘connectivity’ because it implies a heightened sense of awareness that we are all in this together. I learned that staying connected to other small business owners is crucial in order to stay relevant, have a support system, and be inspired.” 

She shares, “WEV doesn’t cease to amaze me. After all these years, WEV continues to show support and interest for my business. WEV genuinely uplifts business owners, encourages entrepreneurs, and most importantly, cultivates a sense of belonging.” 

What’s Next

With connectivity playing such an important role for her business, Claudia hopes to continue meeting new people through her business. Sha said, “I am excited when I receive feedback from customers who enjoy my products. Repeat customers are delightful and they almost always have something beautiful to say. I thoroughly enjoy participating in marketplaces with other small business owners and getting to share our stories.” 

“Staying connected to other small business owners is crucial.”

Claudia Pardo


WEV client Claudia Pardo in her studio creating art for her business, Everyday Buddha