Valerie Villa

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Santa Barbara, CA

Year Founded


How it Started

Valerie Villa had 20 years of experience working and traveling long hours in her sports medicine career. When she decided to start a family, her husband supported and encouraged her to pursue entrepreneurship. She started her photography business and said,Not missing these moments while being supported in creating my own business has meant the world.”

Work with WEV

When I first relocated back to my hometown of Santa Barbara in 2013, I came back as a photographer not an athletic trainer – and needed to make it work I needed WEV to help me with the right foundation,” said Valerie. In WEV’s services she found more than she expected: “WEV prepares you with everything from things you didn’t realize you needed in order to create a legitimate business to the items you need to work through.” Like many others, she also felt the value of a community of like-minded individuals. “Just knowing how many businesses out there are from WEV, I feel WEV is like a home base, a safety net. 

What’s Next

Since coming back to Santa Barbara, Valerie has enjoyed connecting with her community and supporting non-profits in the area. Valerie said, “Its great being able to do what I love, meet good people, provide quality service and artwork, and help local businesses and charities. 


“I feel WEV is like a home base, a safety net.”

Valerie Villa