Stacey Moss

Moss Botanicals

WEV Client


Health and Wellness  


966 E Main Street,

Ventura, California 93001 

Year Founded


How it Started

Stacey was inspired to start her own business because she wanted her personal experience and knowledge of aromatherapy to be well represented.  She explained, “I did not feel that my gifts in the world would be easily understood working for someone else.” 

She also wanted to be available to her daughter who was 2 years old when she started her business. Looking back, Stacey said “I think this is the most rewarding part of owning my company.” 

Work with WEV

Though she initially connected with WEV for a grant to help her restart her business after the Thomas Fire, she has since taken advantage of other services and programs to enhance her business knowledge. Her experience has been “empowering” and has helped build her confidence as a woman business owner: “WEV has taught me that I matter as a woman with a small business and that there are so many people available to help me be successful if I ask. I feel more confident.” 

What’s Next

Stacey has pushed onward through financial fears of success or failure saying “I feel like those fears are still a work in progress as I am constantly evaluating the structure and foundation of my business. I do feel that I have overcome the idea that not everything I try is going to work and it’s definitely not a loss. Because I have learned so much from my mistakes, that truly contributes to making smarter, more sound decisions.” 

On March 1, 2022, Moss Botanicals opened a storefront to offer more products. Stacey also looks forward to “having a space to offer education as well as other artistic and community endeavors.” 

She hopes to continue growing, and her business is helping on that journey: “Moss Botanicals and I have been traveling for quite some time, it’s a relationship that has taught me what I am capable of and it reflects back to me what I have yet to do to grow as a person and a business owner.” 

“WEV has taught me that I matter as a woman with a small business.”

Stacey Moss