Patricia Magaña

Pati’s Beauty Lounge

WEV Client




816 E. Main St,

Santa Paula, California 93060 

Year Founded


How it Started

Driven by her passion for education, inspired by her clients, , and motivated by her role as a mom, Patricia Magana decided to start her own business. Pati’s Beauty Lounge provides beauty services to clients and  has given Pati the opportunity to provide training to other cosmetologists while allowing  her the flexibility she wanted as a mother.  

Work with WEV

Pati is a cosmetologist by trade but had no experience in running her own business. A year after starting her entrepreneurial journey, she was still working full time as an early childhood educator when she came across a flyer for WEV. She decided to get in touch  because she thought “WEV could help the parents of my students. Little did I know I was the one who would benefit immensely from WEV”. Since then, she continues to be an active WEV client. She said Everything I have learned at WEV has helped grow and maintain my business it has been the best thing I could have done as an entrepreneur. The staff, teachers and networking groups have all been of immense support. Without WEV my business would not be where it is now.

What’s Next

Pati had some words of wisdom to share about the entrepreneurial journey “It can turn into a roller coaster. It is scary, nerve-racking, exciting, and with plenty of adrenaline. It’s rewarding but sometimes you can feel like just giving up. Thanks to the support of organizations like WEV I have found motivation to continue doing what I love… delivering the best to the people I serve by helping them see how beautiful they are inside and out!It’s safe to say Pati has embraced the ups and downs of owning a business. Over the course of the pandemic, she participated in various advanced trainings throughout the US and Colombia. She recently added a cosmetology apprenticeship to support students and is in the process of incorporating a health and wellbeing aspect as well as an academy to Pati’s Beauty Lounge.  

“I have found motivation to continue doing what I love.”

Patricia Magaña