Carmen Marquez

Carmen B. Marquez, PC

WEV Client & Volunteer




2655 First St Suite 250,

Simi Valley, CA 93065 

Year Founded


How it Started

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University, Carmen Marquez began her journey practicing law in 2001.  

11 years later, Carmen took the bold step of opening her own practice for estate planning and trust administration, which now has two locations in Simi Valley and Glendale.  

At her law firm, she focuses on serving people of color, young adults, and the elderly.  As a Latina, Carmen finds great importance in helping minority groups in her local community. “I believe everyone needs to have a quality estate plan in place that meets their individual goals.” 

Work with WEV

Carmen joined the WEV community through our Funding Program and became a QLR and ReStart loan recipient. During the COVID-19 pandemic, like many small businesses, Carmen faced difficulties operating during the lockdown. With these loans Carmen was able to both keep her doors open and hire future legal professionals: “Everyone at WEV was extremely helpful and patient with me. I feel very fortunate to have found this great loan program to help me grow my business.” 

Now, Carmen shares her time and expertise as a WEV volunteer, helping inspire future entrepreneurs! 

What’s Next

Carmen looks forward to continuing to offer individualized and personalized estate-planning services to her community. 

“I feel very fortunate to have found this great loan program to help me grow my business.”

Carmen Marquez