Amy Genson

Genson Geriatrics Management, LLC

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Thousand Oaks, CA 

Year Founded


How it Started

Amy Genson was working in the field of geriatrics when she decided to launch her private practice: “I wanted a flexible work schedule to work around my young children.” So, in July of 2013, she opened 805 Aging (which later became Genson Geriatrics Management, LLC), thinking “how hard could this be?” 

Work with WEV

Amy credits her business inexperience at the time as an asset saying that if she had known about the challenges ahead, she might have talked herself out of launching her business and missed out on so many things, including support from other women in business. Before taking the leap, Amy connected with WEV, where she created a business plan in WEV’s SET class, received a loan, and also took advantage of the advisory services. “WEV and its coaching have addressed my fears about charging for services, about networking, cold calling, and setting boundaries. I’ve learned to fail forward and pick myself up when I do,” she said.

What’s Next

Having her own business has not been an easy road. Despite all of life’s challenges, she feels stronger, and in 2023, she is celebrating 10 years in business. She said, “Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. I’ve had to trust in the process more times than I can count. Genson Geriatrics Management is where it is today because I am passionate and knowledgeable about elder care. I believe in the service I provide. I have the flexibility in my schedule to meet my needs and, in turn, better meet the needs of my clients. Genson Geriatrics Management is my platform to be useful, compassionate, and to make a difference in the lives of older adults.”


“I’ve learned to fail forward and pick myself up when I do.”

Amy Genson