LauraDunbar headshot

Laura Kay Dunbar, The Akeena Group

I found the support I needed to transition from a solopreneur to a successful company through the Thrive program.
DianeDM headshot

Diane de Mailly, DDM Metering Systems

The WEV class was a life-changing, graduate-level crash course in business.
RoylinDowns headshot

Roylin Downs, Trystology

I’m so proud of our dedicated customers who can’t keep us a secret!

Reyna Chavez, Scrubs on the Run

Traditional banks were not an option for me as they only looked at numbers on paper, however, WEV took the time to break things down and look at my finances on a personal level as well as get to know more about my business.

Emily Barany, Visionality

Thanks to WEV, I can act boldly in my business because my decisions are thoughtful and calculated.
tiffany buchanan headshot

Tiffany Buchanan, Freezer Monkeys

Educate yourself. In business, it’s so important to make informed decisions as opposed to reactionary ones.
Cory sq

Cory Pironti, Dandyline Designs

As long as the passion and the plan is there, a little hard work and time will only lead you on the path to success.
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Kim Maxwell, Kim Maxwell Studio

Do what you love because if it goes well, you are going to be doing a whole lot of it.
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Clare Briglio, KINGS & PRIESTS

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to start their own business is to just START.
professional headshot

Dr. Cassie Woods, Children’s Therapy Network

WEV’s SET program is a good way to find out how to organize and if you really want to do a business. You must have the passion to be able to survive the ups and downs.
Kathy Wertheim Headshot

Kathy Wertheim, Werth-It

Because of WEV, I’m a tougher negotiator and better at determining what kind of clients I want to work with!
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Karen Boublis, HR Business Solutionz

Develop the business plan to prove the viability of your dream and believe in yourself!

Kelly Briglio and Tina Lebar, Paradise Pantry

Without WEV, we would still be daydreaming about our little piece of Paradise.

Maria Durant, Dance 4 Wellness

WEV taught me to believe I was fully capable of running my own business.
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Michelle Liotta, Shell’s Petals

The biggest reward from having my business is making my daughters proud of me.

Estela Flores, Stel Housecleaning

My business grew more in the five years after completing the SET program than it did in the first 15 years.

Verity Somers, Raw Workouts

My advice for others thinking of starting their own business: do it. Just like exercise and dieting… no excuses. Just do it.

Kathy Habring, Habring Management Services

Success means that I have the confidence to expand my client base and services. I’m in the process of starting a second business!

Gina Renay, Owie BowWowie and FURiends

WEV invested in my dream; it’s amazing what we can do when someone simply believes in us.

Margie Muñoz, Blue Barrel, Inc. and Playa de Chicas

Be open-minded, look outside the box. There’s always a way to make it happen.