Sharon Zimmerman

Business Consultant

Help small business owners manage their eCommerce and retail systems, and bring together their marketing, financial, and creative visions for their businesses.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Experience and Expertise

15+ years in retail, 12+ years in eCommerce

Inspired By

Abigail Adams

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Hiking in Montaña de Oro State Park

Path to WEV

After working for multiple businesses managing in-house eCommerce, email marketing, sales and jewelry production, Sharon began her own jewelry production business in 2011.Originally a jeweler and metalsmith by trade, her diverse work background enabled her to bring a holistic view to managing and growing her business. She brings that same view to working with WEV’s clients.

In addition to her work as a WEV advisor,  Sharon consults for independent product businesses with their pricing strategies, inventory management, marketing and sales both online and in person. She also teaches business planning, financial projections and financial literacy for the Renaissance Entrepreneurship center in San Francisco,  where she also supports emerging and growing entrepreneurs on their path.

For the past four years, Sharon has volunteered with the Jewelry Glossary Project, bringing much needed clarity to issues of ethics and sustainability in the jewelry industry.

Sharon is passionate about ensuring that new and growing entrepreneurs get the support they need, and she loves the holistic, hands-on ethos that WEV has for its clients.


“I approach all of my work with the idea that everything is learnable.”