Marly Dalmau

Bilingual QuickBooks Consultant

Passionate about helping others take ownership of their financial lives, through raising awareness about money mindset and habits, and providing practical tools to improve them.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Experience and Expertise

25 years in Accounting & Tax Preparation

Inspired By

Amelia Earhart

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Wine tasting in Los Olivos & Paso Robles

Path to WEV

Through her 20+ year career in the field of finance, accounting, and tax preparation, Marly realized the relationship people have with money is complex. Most people view their personal finances as a very private matter and don’t like discussing their struggles with others. 

WEV has given Marly the opportunity to help others explore their relationship with money and how that affects their business and personal lives. She raises awareness of money habits and provides tools to help improve these habits to achieve the desired results. Marly enjoys working with small business owners, training them to utilize bookkeeping software to make better business decisions that will lead to more rewarding financial results. She is a registered tax-preparer and a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

“Financial literacy should be a required subject in high school and college; unfortunately, it is not. WEV's financial education programs are helping close the gap.”