Diana Garcia

Business Training Program Coordinator

Provides support for clients who participate in WEV's business training programs and helps guide them in their next steps.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Inspired By

Enedina – my mom

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Wine tasting and spending time at the beach.

Path to WEV

Diana has always placed great significance on her education and pursuing a career she is passionate about. She earned her degree in communication and media, focusing on social justice issues. After working for a local non-profit organization for four years, she desired to start a new venture by creating her own business. At the same time, she wanted to continue her work in the community by empowering others to find their path to living out their life goals. She was beyond excited to join WEV, an organization that empowers women and makes a strong impact in the community.

“Knowing others stand behind you can make the greatest difference in pursuing one’s life dreams.”