Women’s Economic Ventures Offers Entrepreneurial Training (Ventura County Star Article)

August 16, 2018

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Women’s Economic Ventures’ 14-week fall Smart Entrepreneurial Training course will begin Aug. 27, and enrollment is in full swing. The course teaches entrepreneurs sound business practices and helps them create a business plan.

Two WEV clients who can vouch for this type of training are Robin Elander and Betsy Gallery, who are creating a 50-foot long mosaic on Santa Barbara’s history.

Once complete, the community will be able to view 150 million years of major local events on the Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic. A location hasn’t been chosen yet.

The project manager is Elander, who graduated from WEV’s Smart Entrepreneurial Training course. Gallery, the lead artist, took a similar WEV course decades ago. They both credit WEV for inspiring them to pursue their dreams and leave traditional jobs.

“I actually quit my day job with the county early to become a mosaic artist, and I therefore needed to actually make a living at it,” Gallery said. “I couldn’t dabble as an amateur. It had to be a business. So WEV gave me a lot of encouragement.”

The course is for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. There is a course for current business owners to “ReSET” their business direction and financial acumen. WEV also offers Spanish-language classes in Santa Maria and Ventura.

The course “allowed me to really just think my business through and have the confidence to be able to talk about it,” Elander said. “I ultimately did quit my full-time job, as well, and dive right into my consulting business.” It has allowed her “to really live the life of my dreams,” she explained.