“One of the best things about succeeding as a female entrepreneur is that I have the unique opportunity to inspire others to chase their goals like I did. I joined WEV’s League of Extraordinary Women because I believe in being involved, giving back to my community and supporting other women who are living their dream as businesses owners.”
Jeanne David, Outer Aisle Gourmet- Gourmet

WHAT is the League of Extraordinary Women?

The League of Extraordinary Women brings together an influential and collaborative group of high achieving women leaders who are inspired to combine their efforts and resources to help strengthen women-owned businesses and elevate women in our community.

Our exclusive League events provide opportunities for members to participate in WEV client mentoring programs as well as meeting and networking with other prominent women as they strive to achieve a common goal of helping women entrepreneurs achieve success. League members will also be invited and acknowledged at special events including WEV celebrations and our annual Empowerment is Priceless fundraiser.

WHO should be a member?

The League of Extraordinary Women is for business executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and philanthropists living and working in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

WHY be a part of the League?

Women entrepreneurs, given the encouragement, the capital and the support they need, have the capacity to grow U.S. GDP by 9 points or more. But not enough people are listening. Neither our government nor private investors are banking on women in a big way. So, as usual, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. The League provides its members a great way to lend their voice, guidance and financial support to promote women’s business success.

Women’s business ownership is about more than jobs and benefits, economic growth and profits. It is about freedom and options, security — and human potential. It is about empowering women to dream big dreams, to act on a bigger stage, to become leaders.

HOW will the League help?

While women now own 36% of all businesses, 71% of those businesses generate less than $25,000 in annual revenues and less than 2% reach the $1 million annual sales mark. Women start their businesses with half as much capital as men and receive less than 3% of venture capital.

The League will help women:

Think bigger. Successful role models and mentors combined with WEV’s programs help women develop the confidence and skills they need to
Take more risks, access capital to grow their businesses and create the financial security to
Become leaders in their business and community and
Pay it forward to the next generation of women.

League of Extraordinary Women Members

Pledge of $1,000+ a year for 3 years+

Brenda Allison-Hutchinson, Max Anderson, Kim Andrade, Brooke Ashworth

Barbara Aue, Bernadette Bagley, Marsha Bailey, Rachelle Barnier

Michael Barriere+, Denise Bean-White, Barbara Ben-Horin, Karen Smith Bogart

Shelley Bookspan, Dana Boutain, Ariel Bowers, Lisa Braithwaite+

Emma Bridges, Danielle Brinkman, Elena Brokaw, Ellen Brokaw

Darya Bronston, Marni Brook, Natalie Browne, Anita Chambers

Carrie Chase, Meryl Chase, Betsy Chess, Chrystal Clifton

Sallie Coughlin, Kathryn Courain, Nancy Crouse, Jeanne David

Traci David, Naomi Dewey, Devyn Duex, Laura Dunbar+

Dianne Duva, Barbara Edelston Peterson, Kristina Eriksen, Lisa Fabrega

Lynda Fairly, Rich Favor, Nick Frankle, Kristin Fraser

Eva Lynn Gans, Jayme Garone, Christine Garvey, Laura Gasparrini+

Nina Gelman-Gans, Jennifer Gillon Duffy, John Glanville, Diana Gleason

Robin Gose, Laurie Gross Schaefer, Julie Henley McNamara, Cheryl Heitmann

Michele Hinnrichs, Sandi Hirsch, Lydia Hopps, Carolyn Jabs

Lisa James, Siouxsie Jennett, Zdena Jiroutova+, Devon Johnson

Kathleen Johnson, Myriah Johnson, Junemarie Justus, Tom Justus

Michael Kauffman, Masha Keating, Keri Kettle, Elaine Kitagawa

Barbara Klein, Ruth Kovacs, Star Ladin, Jeffrey Lambert

Austin Lampson, Courtney Lane+, Emily Latour, Monica Lenches

Melissa Livingston, Alex Lopez, Linda Lorenzen, Karen Lyons

Caroline MacDougall, Kate MacNaughton, Andria Martinez Cohen, Bonnie McGinniss+

Monica McGrath, Carol McHenry, Kate McLean, Sarah McLelland

Katie McNab, Barbara Meister, Gloria Miele, Patricia Miller

Dawn Mitcham, Gabrielle Moes+, Peggy Morgan, Robin Nahin

Lynda Nahra, Deborah Naish, Michele Newell, Carola Nicholson

Kathy Odell, Ale Ortega-Botello, Maeda Palius, Nicki Parr

Banks Staples Pecht, Nancy Pedersen, Brittany Piccirelli, Lisa Proctor Hawkins

Jackie Quinn, Juliana Ramirez+, April Remnant, Lisa Riolo

Minette Riordan, Sabrena Rodriguez, Susan Rose, Patrice Rosenthal

Linda Rossi, Claudia Cordova Rucker+Veronica Sandoval, Melissa Sayer

Ali Schiller, Seana-Marie Sesma, Dr. Cynthia Sherman, Kate Silsbury

Vivian Solodkin, Reese Spach, DeAnna Steiger, Carol Suruki-Carmany

Kim Sutherland, Chelsea Sutula, Lynne Tahmisian, Pamela Tanase

Brenda Terzian, Samantha Tobin, Cynthia Torres+, Peggy Tranovich

Sarah Turner, Terry Tyndall, Barbara Tzur, Emi Umezawa

Cindy Van Wingerden, Maria Ventura, Mary Jean Vignone, Rachil Vincent*

Lynda Weinman, Mariaelena Welch, Rosanne Welcher, Kathy Wertheim+

Heidi Whitcomb, Monica White, Andy Winchester, Michelle Yee

Gail Zannon


+ indicates a WEV client
* indicates member is deceased
Bolded indicates a founding member

To become one of the Members of the League of Extraordinary Women
contact Kate MacNaughton at (805) 908-0091 or kmacnaughton@wevonline.org