headshot Aureliano Lopez

Aureliano Lopez, Tacos el Tizon

As owners of our own business, we have a greater sense of freedom.
LisaGaede headshot

Lisa Gaede, Carlyle Salon and Style Bar

You will hit road blocks, but don’t give up. Use the road blocks for opportunities to refine your business plan.
NikkiDailey headshot

Nikki Dailey, HEAT Culinary

The challenge and thrill of doing this on my own has been the best experience in my professional life!
headshot Gelacio Lopez

Gelacio Lopez, Taqueria Guerrero

I have wanted to have my own business since I was a kid. Now I have the satisfaction of being my own boss.
rsz 2ownersSMALL

Daniel Yoshimi and Jennifer Yannella, Brasil Arts Café

Always have a plan B, C, D… and remember why you are doing it and let that be your motivation!
Square Headshot

Rebecca Blair, Whistle Club

Be prepared to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. There will be hurdles and hula-hoops every step of the way, so love what you do, and remember why you started.
Mike Square

Michael Barriere, BarrierEnergy

Accept your limitations and reach out for help – you cannot possibly do it all yourself!
head shot cropped

Amy Dixon, The Baker’s Table

Be tenacious, be determined and don’t give up or get discouraged. Most importantly, find an outlet for your stress!
Lindsay Leonard Headshot

Lindsay Leonard, Santa Barbara Fiduciary

WEV gave me the confidence to value my knowledge and services.

Steve Lundbom, Inspiration Point Apparel

The people I’ve met and the support I received through WEV gave me confidence and helped me to realize that our potential in life really has no limit.

Jill-Marie and Jean-Michel Carré, Chocolats du Calibressan

Stop wondering ‘what if?’ Believe in yourself and go for your dreams.
Mikki Reilly Headshot

Mikki Reilly, Fitness Transform

Writing a business plan is a great way to test the financial viability of your idea. It also provides a logical structure for thinking about your business.
Adrian Torres Leon Headshot

Adrian Torres Leon, Taqueria Lindo Mexico

Even though I had to knock on a lot of doors, WEV helped me to see that anything is possible.

Kathryn and Michael Graham, C’est Cheese

I think there’s nothing more gratifying than when you have a customer in the store and their whole face lights up.
Ninette Paloma headshot

Ninette Paloma, Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance

Be honest. About your desires, expectations, and timeline, and be thoughtful about setting realistic goals for your business. As for how to stay in business: a fresh perspective and fluidity is key.
048willakveta karim headshot

Karim Kaderali, Santa Barbara Axxess

Who would’ve thought a $15,000 loan from WEV would result in a company with 8 employees that’s helped raise over $750,000 for local schools and non-profits?

Maurice Moreno, MM Moreno & Son, Inc.

Today my business only exists because of WEV. I am able to do what I love and support my family.
015willakveta retouched headshot

Willa Kveta, Willa Kveta Photography

WEV brought the much-needed business sense to my creative background.

Johanna Melamed, The Closet

Be as educated and informed as you can to make the best decisions…and still be prepared for anything.
014willakveta peggy larned headshot

Peggy Larned, Artemis Animal Clinic

The biggest reward from my business is having the freedom and responsibility to call the shots.

Zdena Jiroutova, Z Folio Gallery

Seek the company of entrepreneurs and soak up their can-do attitude.

Dawn Peters, Decadence Fine Cakes & Confections

Success means my business is now supporting me and the community.

Drs. Neal and Nicole Barry, Barry Family Chiropractic

As a couple in business together, it’s important to create a strong business plan that you both agree upon.

Nicole Schultz and Lianne Clifford, Happy Little Hippo

I came to WEV’s SET class as an amateur, and finished as an entrepreneur!

Amber Wallace and Jill Kingdon, Dowitcher Designs

As a service-based business, WEV taught us the importance of valuing our time. We have doubled our sales during one of the worst economic downturns!

Danielle Wiswall, Focus Physical Therapy

The greatest reward from my business has been turning my idea of providing important healthcare services to the public, into a reality.

Peter and Patricia Zadeh, Ethnic Breads

Success means overcoming all obstacles, and getting back on your feet if you fall.

Crystal Galvan, Crystal Chiropractic

Working with WEV has helped me to see how much I have grown and envision our potential for growth.
AletheaParadis HeadShot cropped

Alethea Tyner Paradis, Peace Works Travel

Make sure you are willing to put in the sweat equity for however long it takes. Having a great idea is not enough. You need the substantive business guidance that WEV provides to make your enterprise viable.