Haley Ebert

Program Coordinator

Thoughtfully and intentionally guides community members through their journey with WEV by creating exciting learning opportunities and fostering safe learning environments for all.

Years with WEV


Languages Spoken


Inspired By

Jane Goodall

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Snorkeling at Devereaux Beach

Path to WEV

Haley began her work in mission driven organizations while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Health at UC Merced, where she advocated for health equity initiatives.  She began working with WEV in the Summer of 2019 with the desire/a passion to promote financial equity for women by supporting WEV’s business training programs.  In her work with WEV, Haley noticed the connections between financial equity and health and well-being, and she returned to school to pursue her Master’s in Public Health. She is excited to continue working for WEV and applying her education to promote WEV’s mission and empower this community.

“I am constantly in awe of our community's creativity, tenacity and strength as they navigate through entrepreneurship, professional, and personal development.”