Evelina Ochoa

Compliance and Financial Administrator

Supports WEV’s management team in the administration of the organization, maintaining systems, records and processes that are accurate, efficient, and effective. Ensures compliance of federal and state government contracts.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Inspired By

Dolores Huerta

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Cycling Downtown Ventura to Ojai

Path to WEV

Evelina is a native of Ventura County and the daughter of Mexico immigrants. She is an advocate for social change, strives for justice and isn’t afraid to use her voice. As a teenager, Evelina discovered a passion for assisting underserved women while volunteering at a women’s health center and continues to advocate for women’s health. She has over 18 years of non-profit experience and, prior to her current role, Evelina served as WEV’s Women’s Business Center Director. As the WBC Director, she managed grant administration, as well as outreach and delivery of WEV’s training programs.

“I appreciate that WEV services allow each woman the economic empowerment to create the business they desire and define their own success.”