Berenice Gonzalez

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Creatively and inclusively communicates WEV's mission to expand access to WEV's resources.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Inspired By

Romaine Brooks

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Shopping and dining in downtown Ventura

Path to WEV

After graduating with a major in Psychology, Berenice went to work to find her calling. On this journey, she worked for several non-profits, often took on many roles at once, and ultimately discovered a passion for using her creativity and skills in the arts in her workplace. 

Berenice learned about WEV in her search for a healthy work environment and applied for a position as WEV’s program assistant. After several years with WEV Berenice became WEV’s marketing coordinator. In this role, she gets to do what she loves every day: engage with people’s stories, create to communicate, and grow on her own terms.

“At WEV, I have grown into my authentic self. I know to trust who I am, my skills, my strengths, and introversion. I now see myself as a leader in my own right.”