A Lesson on Master Mind

A Lesson on Master Mind

By Leah Gonzales, WEV Program Manager

This week in WEV’s Smart Entrepreneurial Training (SET) course, clients will learn the concept of Master Mind. These are peer accountability groups that can support its members to stay on track and motivated as they launch and grow their businesses. Keep reading for tips on how you can utilize Master Mind groups as a mechanism to help your business grow, adapted from WEV’s Vision to Venture© curriculum:

Groups meet as often as they designate for a one-hour, structured meeting. At meetings, members report on the goals they set the prior week, support each other to overcome challenges and set goals for the coming week. Group members provide each other with encouragement, honest feedback, ideas and accountability. When all members of the group work in harmony, they can create a synergy or additional, “group mind.”

  • When forming a group of 6-8, look for similar commitment level but a diversity of age, experience and type of business
  • Once formed, the group should agree upon and document the purpose of the group and a consistent location and schedule to meet
  • Set general principles for the group, such as excluding controversial topics, coming prepared to meetings, confidentiality, and guidelines for admitting new members
  • Designate a facilitator, timekeeper and notetaker for each meeting, and rotate these roles so everyone has a chance to develop these skills
  • Take note of effective and ineffective ways to communicate and facilitate each meeting
  • Be mindful to create an open, supportive and purposeful environment

Here are templates of a Master Mind agenda and meeting report. Being a solopreneur or even the CEO can be lonely, so we encourage you to consider joining or creating a Master Mind group to combat this; learn more and speak to other Master Mind devotees at WEV Connects in Santa Barbara on March 26th and Ventura on April 9th!

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